About Me

I am a highly curious seeker of the deeper meaning behind all things.
My values are integrity, authenticity, honest communication and positivity. Highly creative and detailed, I view things 'outside the box'. With in-depth experience as a User Experience Design and strategist, I am compelled to grow and excel in my future career development.
I thrive on a supportive, encouraging and positive work culture. Where independence and mutual collaboration, are equally conducive to productivity. With the ultimate goal of making amazing products that meet users end needs.   
I also like to have a good laugh and try not to take everything too seriously. See more about me below...


My interest

Find out more about me, I like :


In the past I have lived in the snow in Australia, Japan and the Americas. I love the quiet of falling snowflakes and the playfulness of fresh powder.


I studied psychology at university which fuelled my love of metaphysics, life's mysteries and the cosmos. Empathy and understanding drive me forward.

Music & the arts

I love to dance, play bass guitar and create art. I enjoy a diverse range of live music from jazz to reggae. Creativity helps to refresh me for a new day at work.