Hello, I'm Wendy a Ux designer

How can I contribute to your business?

As an experienced User Experience Designer and strategist working for agile remote businesses;  in collaboration with a team, I can overcome any problem you may be facing within your business by designing better solutions for users to experience your products and services, as well as the business’ bottom line.

You will learn to better understand your client base and the psychology behind their actions, when you engage me to simplify complex user experience issues. I have experience in the entire life cycle of UX, stakeholder engagement and cross-functional teams which allows a designer like myself to effortlessly provide you real solutions.

Ux Process

Double diamond

The UX process of looking at the bigger picture 'diverging' and then refining to a more detailed view 'converging'. On a rinse and repeat cycle.


Understanding a problem by way of market research, benchmarking, interviews, analysing quantitative data and surveys.


Defining the problem statement, i.e - the what, why and where. Personas, journey maps, user flows and viability studies.


Ideate through brainstorming, wireframing, prototyping and usability testing with users. 


Iterate or make changes to the prototypes based on user feedback and synthesis of data. Repeat.

ios app and Web Ad manager


Baxta is a startup social media app & web ad manager

Baxta was pre-launch when I commenced there as a UX Designer. Collaborating with internal and external stakeholders I performed benchmarking, heiuristic review aswell as competitor research follow by personas, user journey map, user flows, interviews, surveys, wireframing, hi-fidelity prototype, usability testing (remote moderated), ideation, iteration and implementation.
A reductive process in the early stages of product definition mapped out key aspects - what it is, who it is for and when/where it will be used. This helped the team narrow down and create concensus around the end product.
User Experience Designer, UI Designer, Product Designer, Development, Management, Marketing, Sales and Business Operations.
ios App and Web CMS


Halo is a charity app and web cms

Halo is a charity arm of Baxta. For Halo I performed prototyping and usability testing of the app and the web portal. The problem statement was 'charity owners need to easily and quickly use the central management system to create and monitor fundraisers.'
Usability testing help to gather insights of the need for a simple navigation flow, help suggestions and written cues. Card sorting and iteration of the app and portal allowed for further user testing.
The outcome was found to be an easy to use web and app experience for end users. A forward-thinking humanitarian cause, to better the lives of those in need.

What others say about me

Below are reviews and recommendations from previous managers and work colleagues.
Sarah Scaife (Product Manager)
I'd work with Wendy in a heartbeat. She's an engaged, curious and empathetic designer who cares about not only the design itself but the user experience as a whole.
Wendy works to the core agile principles, iterating constantly to meet stakeholder and market needs, forever multitasking and pivoting seamlessly when necessary.
Beyond the hard skills, Wendy is quite simply a wonderful person who improves any company culture and celebrates collaboration across all stages of the product lifecycle.
Anne Moon-Arkell (Markerting colleague)
Wendy is a very creative and innovative UX designer who think outside the box. It has been a pleasure to work alongside her at Baxta, sharing ideas and working cross-functionality in a remote agile environment.
Her skills from conducting user testing to creating clickable prototypes, research to advocating for the user have been an inspiration. Her knack of being able to solve highly complex problems that result in stunning experiences was a great asset to the team.
Wendy is a brilliant active listener with a can-do attitude who was delightful to communicate and collaborate with. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a high standard UX Designer. 
Miriana Taflaga (UX Mentor/Teacher)
I had the pleasure of teaching and mentoring Wendy in User Experience Design. Wendy has an amazing sense of curiosity, love of expanding her knowledge and passion for all things UX.
She is highly supportive of her peers, a team collaborator and shows great leadership skills.
Wendy completed all tasks well ahead of deadline with excellent time management skills and has impeccable attention to detail. Wendy is going to go on to do amazing things in the UX industry and she earns my highest recommendation.